Sunderbans Mangrove Retreat

Parking Space

Facilities & Activities.

From the moment you arrive via the magnificent driveway into the Sunderbans Mangrove Retreat, guests are treated with an array of facilities and services. A facility at resort gives you mesmerizing sense of leisure experience blending modern technology in the midst of the natural settings. It includes:

  • Fine dining on site
  • Pool, outdoor
  • Jogging & running track
  • 24*7 travel desk
  • Car parking facility
  • Daily laundry
  • Doctor on Call
  • Telephone & Fax Facility


"Sunderban Mangrove Retreat" a part of Abhyaaranya Resorts Pvt. Ltd. is a beautiful destination to be at. This is a very enjoyable place and every tourist likes to be here while visiting the Sunderban National Park. Peacefully situated in the Jamespore village community on Satjalia Island, the Sunderban Mangrove Retreat is famous all over the world as a luxury and an eco-friendly resort for the people who are nature lovers and wildlife freaks. The riverside of Pichkhali all along the sides of impentrable mangrove woodland of the Sunderbans, boost the site significance of this resort to offer pleasure to the tourists, visiting this place because of the pleasing, delightful and serene environment.

Mangrove Retreat has three types of accommodation like rooms, cottages and huts have attached washrooms. The resort is equipped with the large Dining Hall where the guests are served meals. To reach this place you can take cruises from Basanti by cruises, and Basanti is also well-connected from Kolkata and is barely 3 hours drive. Total number of rooms available in Kolkatta is 17 out of which 4 are Deluxe AC rooms, 8 are cottages that are Non-AC and 5 are Non AC huts. The beautiful ambiance of Sunderban Mangrove Retreat includes 4 ponds that are full of trees of flowery plants where you can enjoy a soothing walk. Tourists also enjoy fishing in these ponds where they find wide variety of fishes.

Luxury is anything that feels special when you are out with your beloved one. It can be anything like be at special moment, it could be kiss from your child; it can be walk on the beach. So luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it cannot be said luxury. To offer proper comfort and luxury and to make your trip special, our eco-friendly resort includes:

1. Air conditioned Executive Rooms of International Standard that features contemporary furnishings & equipped with the latest technology. Rooms are freshly appointed to you from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Sunderbans National Park.

2. To surround you with timeless elegance at Sunderbans Mangrove Retreat we provide 8 Air-conditioned double bedded cottages with heartwarming services and hospitality.

3. Enjoy living in your parental home away from your home. There is a certain charm to living the primitive way, so we provide 10 double bedded huts which are non air conditioned.

Apart from these amenities there are four pool of water surrounded by trees and flowery plants in the premises of Sunderbans Mangrove Retreat. The hotel also offers the provision of visiting the mangrove forests and river-ways seems to be the prime option. Navigating the mangroves by the motor-driven boat is an amazing experience to view the flora and fauna which is totally unharmed and very dissimilar from the more conservative wildlife parks. To offer this service, there are two completely equipped motor driven boats ready to sail for a blissful and a pleasurable river cruise.