Banani Resort In Sunderbans

Parking Space

Facilities and Activities In Banani Resort in Sunderbans

  • A swimming pool
  • Massage therapy center
  • A well equipped conference hall
  • Bonfires at night and other cultural activities
  • A library with excellent collection of informative books
  • A small outlet which that sells interesting memorabilia, souvenirs, and herbal products

Special Facilities at Banani Resort

  • Situated on the bank of the river
  • All rooms have attached baths & multi channel TV
  • Large & Beautiful Lawn
  • 24*7 Electricity
  • Treated Running Water for daily uses.
  • Own processed drinking water.
  • Own cultivated organic vegetables.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of Sunderbans as we bring you this opportunity at Banani Resort. Enjoy most exciting and peaceful retreat on the banks of the river Gomdi. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, get a chance to view scenic beauty of the setting sun at the resort. The BANANI RESORT is situated amidst the serenity of Mother Nature. You can listen to the soft strains of flowing water and musical tweet of strange birds. You can unwind and relax in the serene ambiance which surrounds the resort. Colorful hibiscus flowers, tall bamboo trees and scented exotic flowers blossom in the lush green gardens of Banani resort. You can enjoy the breathtaking ocean view sitting in your balcony.

A piece of affordable luxury awaits you at Banani Resort to embrace the energy and spirit in unique surroundings. The Resort is blessed with the 20 beautifully appointed rooms, attentive service and a magnificent setting to create absolute comfort. Banani Resort is providing an entirely new definition of luxury and a soothing gateway from the stress free world. If you are planning your trip during the start of hot humid summer months and your mind is filled with lot of apprehension like not being able to catch your sleep due to heat and flies, Banani proves wrong on your both the counts. The excellent service and the warmth of the resort staff will make your stay really enjoyable. While exploring the mystery of Sunderbans you may discover the distinctive charm and world class sophistication of the Banani Resort.

Accommodations in Banani Resort:

The twenty-one elegantly designed luxurious rooms of Banani Resort are spacious and air conditioned, there are four beautifully furnished executive Cottages and eleven Deluxe Cottages which are also air conditioned. Two fully equipped tents are also available for tourists. Banani resort is an epitome of luxury and comfort where you can have the most amazing holiday experience. Furnished with beautiful rugs the rooms are cozy. Spread across an extensive area, the well manicured lawns of Banani Resort and fully equipped with latest technology rooms offers the best respite to visitors.

Cuisines in Banani Resort Sunderbans

A well trained butler is at the service of guests around the clock. You will get the opportunity to savor all kinds of cuisine ranging from continental to Italian as well as local. The dining area is beautifully designed where you can come in the evening for drinks and listen to the lilting strains of music. Freshly cooked and delicious food is served to all its guests.