Best Time To Visit Sunderbans National Park

The unique and amazing Sundarbans National Park is known for being the largest Mangrove forest and natural home to the most dangerous and endangered predator in the wilderness of the dense forest, the Royal Bengal Tigers along with a large array of wild species of various flora and fauna. The estuarine of the Sundarbans makes it a unique and a must visit wildlife destination in India for the wildlife lovers as well as Nature lovers. Visiting the Sundarbans National Park is as easy as visiting any other tourism destination in India.

If you are traveling by train then there are trains to Canning from Sealdah at regular intervals and the train covers this distance in one and a half hour. The private taxi or the shared vans are also available at Canning and takes you Godhkhali Jetty, the initial point of the boat cruise to the Sundabans.

The tourism department of West Bengal has well maintained the roadways and waterways connecting the Sundarbans National park to the nearest towns. Visitors to the Sundarbans National Park can use either the airways or railways or roadways to visit the starting point of the Sundarbans tour which is the Godkhali port. The Sundarbans forest can be explored only through the medium of water transport so from the Godkhali port you can use the small or the big boat to further explore the wildlife of Sundarbans.

The park is well connected to the nearby cities with the roadways, railways and waterways which further connected to the world with the airways as well. Tourists from all over the world visit this forest not only to enjoy the sighting of the wild animals, but also the gorgeous scenic view of the tranquil delta land. The forest can be explored through the water transports that sail in various river channels that divide the land into the deltas. However, the park is open throughout the year for the Safari, but if you know the best time to visit Sundarbans National Park then you can plan your tour accordingly to make your visit more enjoyable and interesting.

The days in between the months of October and March are considered as the best time to visit the Sundarbans National Park as the weather during these days are more pleasant than any other time of the year. The winter season is the best time not only for a comfortable day trip in the dense forest but also for the better wildlife animals sighting as they come out from the dense forest and bask in the sun on the river banks. You can enjoy the boat safari in this pleasant weather and can also enjoy the various local foods that you will get while on the boat during your day safari. Apart from the winter season, visiting during the other seasons are considerably less comfortable for the Safari in Sundarbans due to one or another reason.

The summer season is very uncomfortable due to the very hot weather as the temperature is very high and unbearable during the daytime. If you will hire the non-AC boat during the summer season then it will be the worst trip for you as you cannot enjoy the beautiful surroundings and amazing wildlife due to the unbearable heat waves you will face on the deck. The monsoon season in Sundarbans used to witness the generous rains and the water levels of the rivers flowing through the forest get high due to which the safari in the monsoon season is a bit risky in the small boats.

Visiting Sundarbans During Summer (April to June):From April to June, the weather is extremely hot in the Sundarbans and the humidity is on top with the high temperature that ranges from 30 to 42 degrees Celsius. The hot weather is very uncomfortable for tourists, thus it is not an ideal time to visit Sundarbans.

Visiting Sundarbans During Monsoon (July to September):From July to September, the monsoon season brings heavy rains in the Sundarbans making the water level reaches beyond the normal level which makes the boat safari a risky affair. Though the monsoon season brings much-needed relief for the wild flora and fauna after the summer this season is also not an ideal time to visit Sundarbans.

Visiting Sundarbans During Winter (October to March):It is the best time to visit the Sundarbans due to the pleasant weather from October to March. Except for a few days of very cold weather, the entire duration of the above time interval is having a lovely weather with moderate temperature which ranges from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. You will enjoy the flora and fauna of the Sundarbans and the beauty of the raw forest without any hassle.